star wars saga opening and closing sequences


It’s not like that at all. He’s my brother.

 #i know that there’s the eternal joke here that he’s realizing leia and luke made out as brother and sister  #but i just wanna say all y’all obsessed with raleigh beckett and all that  #just take a look at bottom two bc  #that is the face of a man so worshipfully (yeah i used that word) in love with this girl  #and so committed to the idea that he will never have her; and so accepting of that; he’s just  #told her it’s cool; he won’t be trouble; he’ll disappear  #like this is why the formative ot3 part  #bc at this stage he *knows* she loves him and he knows he loves her  #but he also thinks she and luke love each other; and he picks up on that deeper  #fundamental connection they have and misreads; so can you imagine  #knowing that the person you love is also in love with you but just loves another even *more*  #and that other person is also a person you love with all your soul  #and you know that you need to let them both go; and how much of a struggle that would be  #and all of a sudden like the sun coming from beyond the clouds  #you know you can have it all; have them both; without anyone being lost from their love  #like  #when i say ot3 i don’t necessarily mean sexually or anything but just  #ot-fuckin-3 ya know  #brother-sister  #brother-brother  #lover-lover  #when han thought it was lover-girl-lover  #so this moment *is* that incest joke realization moment; but on the level of han realizing  #they really can all love one another on that fundamental level; without it destroying one part of the triangle  #also: ‘she wants me she wants me she wants me’  #:)))))))))))))))))


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