1 Day Until Sailor Moon Crystal

We have one more day till Sailor Moon Crystal airs. Our Moon Princess is back! I hope this new series will create many more loving memories for us. 

We are not people who touch each other carelessly; every point of contact between us feels important, a rush of energy and relief.


New Divergent "Epic" TV spot

"You sure about that?"

"Yeah, I’m very sure."

Now we have nothing. We have no home, no faction…

If I’d wanted to hurt you, I would have.

A gust of air presses against my left side, throwing my body weight to the right. I gasp and cling to the rungs m balance shifting. Four’s Cold hand clamps around one of my my hips, on of his fingers finding a strip of bare skin just under the hem of my T-shirt. He squeezes, steadying me and pushing me gently to the left, restoring my balance. 

Now I can breath.

"If I help her, Eric would make my fate the same as hers. Will I let her fall to her death, or will I resign myself to being factionless? What’s worse: to be idle while someone dies, or to be exiled and empty-handed?"